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Sound Effects Design, Sound Mixing, 1:18
Music Mixing, 0:32
Audiobook Editing and Mastering, 0:24
Music Composition, 0:44
Audio Editing and Mastering, 0:42

Demo Reel

Select projects, 5 minutes

Location Sound Recording, Sound Mixing, 1:05
Password: zombies2019

Select moments:

- 0:44-1:54     Opening Sequence              - 1:54-6:17      News Montage

- 18:30          First Zombie Encounter       - 49:51-52:32  Zombie Encounter On Street

- 56:40-60:45  Humvee Escape                 - 68:07-70:45  Rescue Under Rubble

Sound Effects Design and Mixing

"The Dead and Dying"

Audio Drama, 75 minutes

The story centers around a group of characters in Stockholm, Sweden who have survived the first day of a zombie apocalypse and attempt to leave the infected city.

Sound Designer and Sound Mixer
Created for a headphone listening experience
Completed January 2019

Sound Mixing for
10-episode Series

"The Rural Edge"
by Center On Rural Innovation 
Eight- to ten-minute episodes

Sound Mixer
Mixed between 2020 and 2022

Audiobook Editing and Mastering

Select Titles

Various narrators, 30-second samples

All samples come from audiobooks that are prepared according to ACX guidelines.

Audio Editor and Mastering Engineer
All post-production work completed remotely for clients. 
Audiobooks completed 2018-2019

Location Sound Recording and Sound Mixing

"Dirt Addiction"

NET Nebraska Stories segment, 9 minutes

Sound Recordist and Sound Mixer
Recorded on location at Platte River State Park, NE
Recorded in 2018, Mixed in 2019
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